Sour Jack Strains

Top 10 Marijuana Dispensary in Ashburn.

S no. Title Rating
1 Frontiers Wellness Cannabis Center 5.00
2 Biba Coffeeshop 0.00
3 Exhalence LA 4.98
4 Uncle Ando's Wurld of Weed - Aberdeen 4.44
5 Kannatonic 5.00
6 Evergreen - Santa Ana 4.96
7 Associació THC 0.00
8 El Kiff 1.00
9 Feelgood Medicine 0.00
10 Kings Garden Royal Deliveries 5.00

Sour Jack, one-half Sour Diesel one-half and Jack Herer, takes its name from its parents. It has developed a solid reputation and is highlighted by an intense aroma and profound cerebral effects. After combining the two sativa-dominant strains, we are left with an amazing combination of tropical, sweet flavors that mix with pungent tones of citrus and diesel. The uplifting effects can provide a spark of energy and minimize body fatigue. Sour Jack is a great strain to fight off depression and to help you stay active.


Alternate Name : Jack Diesel
Grow Difficulty : Moderate
Days To Flower : 0
Average Yield: High
Average Height: Tall



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